Remember back to elementary school when you first started getting… assignments, or even worse, homework? Each assignment with the incentive of points, gold stars or letter grades determining how well you understood the material. Many of these lessons came with good intentions, and for most of us, sounded like a good idea at the time.

What does that have to do with your spiritual path, you may be asking yourself?

Well, as I have gotten older, I have begun to look around and notice what kind of an effect that particular type of programming has had on our community and society as a whole.

Now, take a look at this concept and replace ‘credit’ (meaning the credit you would receive for the assignment) with money in the “real” world.

Can you think of times in your life where you have refused to do something someone was asking of you because you didn’t get any money? Perhaps a friend asked you a favor because they needed help and you didn’t want to because you were not getting paid to do help them. Or, a loved one who has fallen ill or had a demobilizing surgery and you were too busy to offer a hand.

Have we really been trained to only do things for money? Or with the expectation that that same person will have to pay us back in one form or another? What if… we all made time to do things for each other without requiring credit, money or favors?

My intention here is to get you thinking of the possibility of becoming a giver. Not meaning, giving all of yourself always, but allowing room to recognize that part within yourself that receives by giving. Finding value in things in life that do not have monetary worth, will create a new paradigm in your life. By creating a shift in your life, you will create a shift in those closest to you as well.

Your internal shift is always tangible by those closest to you. When you act from a place of love you will create more love. When you act from a place of ‘what is in it for me?’, you will find the same reflected back to you.

Spiritual Path

This mandala is a representation of the lines of energy we must cross to return to our spiritual path. Artwork by

Think for a second, about what makes you shine. When do you notice you are glowing, or proud of yourself for what you have done for you? Does this pride come from your head or your heart (your ego, or your spirit)?

When you find yourself prideful or glowing from your heart space, this is an indicator you are in alignment with your spiritual path, which oftentimes, has nothing to do with spirituality. When you are in alignment with your spiritual path you are living your purpose.

Let your heart be your compass.

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