How to Connect with the Spirit of your Baby

A Simple ‘Hello’ Can Go a Long Way…

“Hey beautiful!!! I hope all is well!!! I am currently looking for a guided meditation for early pregnancy!!!!!!! Smile emoticon :):):) Do you have one or know of a good one that I can start with?”

This request was the inspiration for yesterday’s meditation. And…WOW!! I am so grateful this client helped to inspire such a beautifully loving concept. Her raw emotion and desire to connect really got me thinking… Is that possible? Can I help teach people how to consciously communicate with the beings they are already connected to?

Specifically mothers.

“I have a deep longing to connect with my baby! I am in such an early stage!!! I get nervous if I don’t feel sick or my boobs don’t hurt…. and I want to find a deeper connection and start a routine for myself for further down the road.”

Now, I am not a mother, although I do have a clear connection to the spirits that will become my babies. (More on that in a later blog) So, I really began to explore the idea of being able to help other women communicate with beings that are in utero.

It is my understanding that because women have the ability to create physical life inside their bodies, they have built in sensitivities and telepathic connections. Most of us are trained to believe that life starts during pregnancy.

For me, the equally balanced question to “Where to we go when we die?” is “Where do we come from before birth?”

This meditation offers a short and slightly shallow peak into being able to answer that question. Partly because I was intuitively guided to focus on creating balance for the mothers who are creating life and with the mothers who have experienced the loss of life. Whether it be through death of a child, abortion, or miscarriage.

The purpose was to create a loving container that balanced the joy of new life to the sorrow of grief and unanswered questions.

 As you have heard me say before, “WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!” This rings true for the meditations. For some, you will bring light, for others you will receive light. No matter what, I can guarantee you will receive positive insight, growth and healing.

There truly is so much more where that came from. This meditation barely scratched the surface of the possibilities of communication between a mother and the spirit of her child.

I am always available for personal one-one sessions to connect and communicate for you or to teach you how to connect and listen to the information coming to and through you.

Keep your light and love shining. You are here to create the life you love. I am here to help you build confidence and remove obstacles along the way. Contact me, I am happy to be a personal resource for you.

We are in this TOGETHER!!

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