5 Instant Tips to Ground Yourself

With all the distractions that are involved with being a human in modern times, it’s crucial to know and understand how to quickly ground.

Grounding consists of connecting yourself to the energy of the planet, or Mama Gaia, to cleanse your energy field. This includes releasing any energy that is causing you confusion, discomfort or unrest.

Mother Earth isn’t here to solve all of your problems. Rather she will nurture your path when you simply ask for her guidance or and are open to receive healing.

Here are 5 simple ways to connect:

  • STOP- Stop what you are doing. Make sure your feet are flat and uncrossed. Close your eyes, connect your fingertips leave space between the palms and take three deep controlled breaths while focusing on the bottom of your feet. You have a chakra on each foot that is capable of releasing and receiving energy.

You can simply visualize any energy that is not yours being released through the bottom of your feet as you connect with the energy of the planet.

  • CREATE A GROUND-ING CORD- When you are seated, close your eyes. Bring your attention to your root chakra. (This chakra is located at the base of your spine.) Draw a line of energy from your root chakra all the way down to the center of the planet, the core of Mama Gaia. Breathe, ground, release.

**You may need to make your grounding cord wider to be able to release more energy, especially if you have a lot to let go of, or if you are going through transition. This technique will soothe the process.

  • SIT WITH A TREE- Quite literally, take some time to be outside to connect with a tree. Allow yourself to be open, ground, relax, and wonder. Connect your grounding cord once again and release all that does not serve you. Take all the time you need. Sometimes grounding helps instantly, sometimes it takes time to release. Be kind to yourself as you heal.
  • PALMS DOWN- Palms down on the ground. Whether it be soil, rock, grass or live plant, opening yourself to releasing can also take place through your palms. This method is particularly useful if you meditate frequently, are an avid day-dreamer or often have your ‘head in the clouds’. Bringing yourself to a lower proximity to Earth will help to bring in and integrate your wildest dreams. Bringing presence and mindfulness to every act.
  • PRACTICE – The more you practice, the easier it is to stay grounded and present. These are tools that will help you in an instant and if you continue to practice them, you WILL become stronger and more efficient at moving energy.

The trick is to allow and believe. Believe that what you are doing is real. Believe that you are way more capable of creating your life than you have been told. Break the previous paradigm and give yourself the gift of magic. Simply believe.

Listen to this guided meditation to learn simple techniques of letting go and releasing. Of honoring and allowing. Of focus and precision. Life hands us all types of opportunities, sometimes its up to us to take the first step into knowing.

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