Money is NOT the Root of all Evil

Money is NOT the Root of all Evil

Believing that money is the root of all evil is like saying spoons make people fat, or that pencils make mistakes. Money is simply an object of desire. The choices some make surrounding that desire… can be Evil.

So, if you don’t want to be evil, then it’s probably a good thing to stay away from money, right? Or pencils in case you don’t want to make mistakes. And spoons… just throw them out.

We as a society have so much fear, worry and distress around money that those energies alone are truly what become money repellant in our lives.

The Prosperity that landed in my hands three days after creating the Prosperity Portal. Thank you Universe, please bring me more.

-Have you ever felt guilty for not spending your money ‘properly’?

-Or felt that money is for ‘rich’ people, not for you?

-Have you noticed that your parents relationship with money has shaped or determined your relationship to it as well?

-Does your frustration around government spending have an influence on the way that you make money? Perhaps you keep yourself in a lower tax bracket, or do not claim all of your earnings?

All of these factors are aspects of your programming that you have the power to heal.

You see each of these questions has the potential to highlight where you have ‘STOP’ energy in your field. This ‘STOP’ energy is where you consciously or unconsciously create a block in your own life surrounding money.

Some examples of this kind of thinking are:

-“Money tore my family apart when my grandfather died.”

-“My mom always married men for money and I didn’t want to end up like her.”

-“My father was always so stressed about money, I would rather not deal with money so I don’t have that problem.”

-“I feel that I would be irresponsible with money.”

-“I don’t deserve to have money.”

And really the list goes on…..

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, there’s plenty of money in this world for everybody. You are the only one standing in your way. No excuses.

There are literally millions of different ways to bring prosperity into your life. The key is doing the healing around your relationship with money to see where, why and how your paradigm was created.

When you are open to receiving, I have a gift for you.

Here is a meditation I created with my dear friend, Denise Sheehan of We created a Prosperity Portal over the weekend to help create flow for a small group of people we had gathered to do healing work around their own prosperity.

We have decided to share it with you because we see the value in empowering other healers, believers and intuitives when it comes to their ability to call in financial abundance.

Imagine how different this world would be if healers and heart driven people had more freedom to create ways to help others. Our world would be a completely different place.

Please feel free to listen to this meditation as many times as you would like. Each time you will find a different block to work on, release and heal. Please share it with friends and family you think would benefit.

The more energy we have cycling through the portal, the more amplified the cycle becomes for all of us.

This is an opportunity for individual collective healing. When you as the individual work towards healing yourself and your emotional wounds, it makes a valuable difference in the collective.

Please comment and share your experience and wins below. We would love to hear how this Portal has worked for you.

Happy Healing!!

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  1. I love this! Success and money are not evils, sins, or wrong. Money can be used for good and to make life comfortable and enjoyable. Success can build and improve a community and individual success helps build self esteem and be shared to help others. There in nothing wrong in striving for prosperity for self and community. What gives money, success, and prosperity a “bad” name is attitude towards the words. Money is not greedy. But a person’s attitude toward money could be one of greed … or not. Success is not arrogant or prideful. But a person could be prideful or become arrogant because of success … or not. Prosperity is not the same as snobby or superior. But a prosperous person could become snobbish … or not. A poor, unsuccessful, and failed person can be greedy, prideful, and of superior attitude. Just as a wealthy, successful, prosperous person can be generous, humble, and congenial. There is nothing wrong with wanting financial and professional success. The only thing that can be wrong is our attitude towards these things.

  2. WoooHooo!!! Samantha and Denise, I love your welcoming and positive energies coming through in this video, along with all the helping spirits! I’m so gratefule to be part of this light-filled journey and I’ll be watching/listening to this again.
    I have felt an exciting energy shift since we opened the Prosperity Portal, and I even received a big check in the mail!
    Thank you, bring me more!

  3. One of the many catchphrases of my youth was “money is the root of all evil”. I have spent years combating this negative programming with positive self-talk and have been on a journey seeking abundance and prosperity since 1994. I have had some success, but not even close to the level that I know is possible. I have always felt that I needed to “learn” how to meditate but each effort usually resulted in a nice nap. 🙂 Thank you for leading us all through this powerful meditation. There were moments when I achieved existence in that magical in-between state and for the first time in all of my meditation attempts… I didn’t fall asleep! Thank you for helping us all tap into the Prosperity Portal. Woo Hoo!

    1. I am so happy to hear you made it through!! It’s not always a bad thing to fall asleep while meditating. Sometimes our subconscious needs to do some work without the presence of our ego. I’m looking forward to hearing how the Prosperity Portal works for you. 🙂

  4. Awesome! Thank you both for creating this video, and for your loving guidance. I have recently set off on this exciting journey to rediscover my true self, and I’m looking forward to the growth and healing that awaits. And of course, the friendships! 🙂 I’m so grateful to be a part of this wonderful and loving community!

    This deeply resonates with me, as I have money blocks that I have carried with me for years, and they have been holding me back personally and professionally. I am so looking forward to practicing this meditation. I love what Marie said above. There is so much truth in her comment.

    As a small business owner with the best of intentions, and a true desire to help and connect with others in my community, I must learn to welcome success and prosperity into my life. The blocks I have are so subtle, yet very powerful…I’m happy to learn that they can be released, and so thankful to know where to start. It is absolutely wonderful of you two to share this. You ROCK! Thank you both!!

    1. Wonderful Danielle!! I am excited to hear you enthusiasm toward recognizing your room to grow. I hope to be able to witness your transformation as you grow in your business and in your spirit. Money blocks can be debilitating in so many areas of our life. It’s time we collectively help each other move through them.

      You are AMAZING! I am thrilled to be connecting with you. xo

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