Jun 09

Money is NOT the Root of all Evil

Believing that money is the root of all evil is like saying spoons make people fat, or that pencils make mistakes. Money is simply an object of desire. The choices some make surrounding that desire… can be Evil.

So, if you don’t want to be evil, then it’s probably a good thing to stay away from money, right? Or pencils in case you don’t want to make mistakes. And spoons… just throw them out.

We as a society have so much fear, worry and distress around money that those energies alone are truly what become money repellant in our lives.


The Prosperity that landed in my hands three days after creating the Prosperity Portal. Thank you Universe, please bring me more.

-Have you ever felt guilty for not spending your money ‘properly’?

-Or felt that money is for ‘rich’ people, not for you?

-Have you noticed that your parents relationship with money has shaped or determined your relationship to it as well?

-Does your frustration around government spending have an influence on the way that you make money? Perhaps you keep yourself in a lower tax bracket, or do not claim all of your earnings?

All of these factors are aspects of your programming that you have the power to heal.

You see each of these questions has the potential to highlight where you have ‘STOP’ energy in your field. This ‘STOP’ energy is where you consciously or unconsciously create a block in your own life surrounding money.

Some examples of this kind of thinking are:

-“Money tore my family apart when my grandfather died.”

-“My mom always married men for money and I didn’t want to end up like her.”

-“My father was always so stressed about money, I would rather not deal with money so I don’t have that problem.”

-“I feel that I would be irresponsible with money.”

-“I don’t deserve to have money.”

And really the list goes on…..

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, there’s plenty of money in this world for everybody. You are the only one standing in your way. No excuses.

There are literally millions of different ways to bring prosperity into your life. The key is doing the healing around your relationship with money to see where, why and how your paradigm was created.

When you are open to receiving, I have a gift for you.

Here is a meditation I created with my dear friend, Denise Sheehan of SageSpiritCoaching.com. We created a Prosperity Portal over the weekend to help create flow for a small group of people we had gathered to do healing work around their own prosperity.

We have decided to share it with you because we see the value in empowering other healers, believers and intuitives when it comes to their ability to call in financial abundance.

Imagine how different this world would be if healers and heart driven people had more freedom to create ways to help others. Our world would be a completely different place.

Please feel free to listen to this meditation as many times as you would like. Each time you will find a different block to work on, release and heal. Please share it with friends and family you think would benefit.

The more energy we have cycling through the portal, the more amplified the cycle becomes for all of us.

This is an opportunity for individual collective healing. When you as the individual work towards healing yourself and your emotional wounds, it makes a valuable difference in the collective.

Please comment and share your experience and wins below. We would love to hear how this Portal has worked for you.

Happy Healing!!

Jun 01

With all the distractions that are involved with being a human in modern times, it’s crucial to know and understand how to quickly ground.

Grounding consists of connecting yourself to the energy of the planet, or Mama Gaia, to cleanse your energy field. This includes releasing any energy that is causing you confusion, discomfort or unrest.

Mother Earth isn’t here to solve all of your problems. Rather she will nurture your path when you simply ask for her guidance or and are open to receive healing.

Here are 5 simple ways to connect:

  • STOP- Stop what you are doing. Make sure your feet are flat and uncrossed. Close your eyes, connect your fingertips leave space between the palms and take three deep controlled breaths while focusing on the bottom of your feet. You have a chakra on each foot that is capable of releasing and receiving energy.

You can simply visualize any energy that is not yours being released through the bottom of your feet as you connect with the energy of the planet.

  • CREATE A GROUND-ING CORD- When you are seated, close your eyes. Bring your attention to your root chakra. (This chakra is located at the base of your spine.) Draw a line of energy from your root chakra all the way down to the center of the planet, the core of Mama Gaia. Breathe, ground, release.

**You may need to make your grounding cord wider to be able to release more energy, especially if you have a lot to let go of, or if you are going through transition. This technique will soothe the process.

  • SIT WITH A TREE- Quite literally, take some time to be outside to connect with a tree. Allow yourself to be open, ground, relax, and wonder. Connect your grounding cord once again and release all that does not serve you. Take all the time you need. Sometimes grounding helps instantly, sometimes it takes time to release. Be kind to yourself as you heal.
  • PALMS DOWN- Palms down on the ground. Whether it be soil, rock, grass or live plant, opening yourself to releasing can also take place through your palms. This method is particularly useful if you meditate frequently, are an avid day-dreamer or often have your ‘head in the clouds’. Bringing yourself to a lower proximity to Earth will help to bring in and integrate your wildest dreams. Bringing presence and mindfulness to every act.
  • PRACTICE – The more you practice, the easier it is to stay grounded and present. These are tools that will help you in an instant and if you continue to practice them, you WILL become stronger and more efficient at moving energy.

The trick is to allow and believe. Believe that what you are doing is real. Believe that you are way more capable of creating your life than you have been told. Break the previous paradigm and give yourself the gift of magic. Simply believe.

Listen to this guided meditation to learn simple techniques of letting go and releasing. Of honoring and allowing. Of focus and precision. Life hands us all types of opportunities, sometimes its up to us to take the first step into knowing.

May 18

A Simple ‘Hello’ Can Go a Long Way…

“Hey beautiful!!! I hope all is well!!! I am currently looking for a guided meditation for early pregnancy!!!!!!! Smile emoticon :):):) Do you have one or know of a good one that I can start with?”

This request was the inspiration for yesterday’s meditation. And…WOW!! I am so grateful this client helped to inspire such a beautifully loving concept. Her raw emotion and desire to connect really got me thinking… Is that possible? Can I help teach people how to consciously communicate with the beings they are already connected to?

Specifically mothers.

“I have a deep longing to connect with my baby! I am in such an early stage!!! I get nervous if I don’t feel sick or my boobs don’t hurt…. and I want to find a deeper connection and start a routine for myself for further down the road.”

Now, I am not a mother, although I do have a clear connection to the spirits that will become my babies. (More on that in a later blog) So, I really began to explore the idea of being able to help other women communicate with beings that are in utero.

It is my understanding that because women have the ability to create physical life inside their bodies, they have built in sensitivities and telepathic connections. Most of us are trained to believe that life starts during pregnancy.

For me, the equally balanced question to “Where to we go when we die?” is “Where do we come from before birth?”

This meditation offers a short and slightly shallow peak into being able to answer that question. Partly because I was intuitively guided to focus on creating balance for the mothers who are creating life and with the mothers who have experienced the loss of life. Whether it be through death of a child, abortion, or miscarriage.

The purpose was to create a loving container that balanced the joy of new life to the sorrow of grief and unanswered questions.

 As you have heard me say before, “WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!” This rings true for the meditations. For some, you will bring light, for others you will receive light. No matter what, I can guarantee you will receive positive insight, growth and healing.

There truly is so much more where that came from. This meditation barely scratched the surface of the possibilities of communication between a mother and the spirit of her child.

I am always available for personal one-one sessions to connect and communicate for you or to teach you how to connect and listen to the information coming to and through you.

Keep your light and love shining. You are here to create the life you love. I am here to help you build confidence and remove obstacles along the way. Contact me, I am happy to be a personal resource for you.

We are in this TOGETHER!!

May 11

Remember back to elementary school when you first started getting… assignments, or even worse, homework? Each assignment with the incentive of points, gold stars or letter grades determining how well you understood the material. Many of these lessons came with good intentions, and for most of us, sounded like a good idea at the time.

What does that have to do with your spiritual path, you may be asking yourself?

Well, as I have gotten older, I have begun to look around and notice what kind of an effect that particular type of programming has had on our community and society as a whole.

Now, take a look at this concept and replace ‘credit’ (meaning the credit you would receive for the assignment) with money in the “real” world.

Can you think of times in your life where you have refused to do something someone was asking of you because you didn’t get any money? Perhaps a friend asked you a favor because they needed help and you didn’t want to because you were not getting paid to do help them. Or, a loved one who has fallen ill or had a demobilizing surgery and you were too busy to offer a hand.

Have we really been trained to only do things for money? Or with the expectation that that same person will have to pay us back in one form or another? What if… we all made time to do things for each other without requiring credit, money or favors?

My intention here is to get you thinking of the possibility of becoming a giver. Not meaning, giving all of yourself always, but allowing room to recognize that part within yourself that receives by giving. Finding value in things in life that do not have monetary worth, will create a new paradigm in your life. By creating a shift in your life, you will create a shift in those closest to you as well.

Your internal shift is always tangible by those closest to you. When you act from a place of love you will create more love. When you act from a place of ‘what is in it for me?’, you will find the same reflected back to you.

Spiritual Path

This mandala is a representation of the lines of energy we must cross to return to our spiritual path. Artwork by Jennaintuitiveartist.com

Think for a second, about what makes you shine. When do you notice you are glowing, or proud of yourself for what you have done for you? Does this pride come from your head or your heart (your ego, or your spirit)?

When you find yourself prideful or glowing from your heart space, this is an indicator you are in alignment with your spiritual path, which oftentimes, has nothing to do with spirituality. When you are in alignment with your spiritual path you are living your purpose.

Let your heart be your compass.

May 05

Three years ago, while finishing my Psychology Degree at Sonoma State University, I signed up as a counselor for a weekend camp for Jewish Adolescents with Autism. At that time, if you knew me, that would not be the first thing you would expect when it came to weekend activities. But… I needed one more unit to graduate and this weekend assignment offered just that.

That weekend truly was one of the most unexpected exponential lessons in growth.

I had never had any experience being around people with autism and had severe resistance when I was paired with Jazzy* who had severe cerebral palsy. She was buckled into her wheel chair and fed through a feeding tube. Neither of which I had had any first hand experience with. I was paired with her for the pajama party and was slightly if not totally overwhelmed with the responsibility.

My ignorance and fear were riding shotgun …

I got to know Jazzy* that night and was able to experience the energy of her emotions and wants through her ways of non-verbal communication. (She was not capable of talking.)

I painted her toes, took her for a walk and played with bubbles. By the time I brought her back to her grandmother, (her mother was not in the picture) it took everything I had not to break down right there.

Autism: A spiritual theory

Jazzy’s painted toes.

My dam of personal decency was about to give way to all the emotions and attachments to prejudice I never even realized I had. Whoa…

Her grandmother proceeded to tell me how much her life changed when she adopted her granddaughter. The money and the fast pace of the corporate world was no longer an option, if she wanted to take care of her granddaughter.

We talked about how loving, accepting and heart-centered are the community surrounding autistic people. And how different the personal connections are in comparison to the world of money, stature and success. What a beautifully blissful community, even amidst the chaos.

My heart shattered that weekend.

I left the conversation with her grandmother and barely shut the door before I BURST into tears. The threshold of growth, the world, my idea of love, as I knew it had been wrong all along…

I realized I had never experienced LOVE before. Pure, radiant, non-judgmental, fully accepting, non-comparative beautifully understanding love. And the strength. WOW. The strength of these parents is something to take note of at the very least. These were and still are some of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life.

I thought a LOT after that weekend:

-Why do some spirits get fully functioning bodies, while others remain in the mindset of children?

-Why do some bodies have to fully rely on others to live?

And of course, there are all sorts of scientific reasons and speculation for autism, but none of it made sense to my budding spiritual exploration.

After having many deep conversations regarding this topic with friends and professors at the time, I developed a theory. Keep in mind, I am a firm believer in the fact that we choose, as spirits, the bodies and circumstances surrounding the environment we are born into.

What I began to carefully unfold in my heart and in my meditations was the understanding that these spirits were here to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet. Through experiencing the amount of love they create by making the sacrifice to be in bodies that seem, on the outside, to be in struggle, they teach those around them how to LOVE, I mean REALLY LOVE.

The type of love that encourages you to make any and all sacrifices in life to take care of another, while learning to accept and take care of yourself. That’s HUGE! I mean enormous! (And I’m not even going to get into the theory and explanation of karma) Think of this narcissistic culture we live in and how many people just blow off this subject because it “doesn’t affect them personally.” I’m telling you, those of us that are not connected are going to be hard pressed to find that kind of love in our lives.

We all have so very much to learn in such a short time. If you were given the opportunity to learn what it means to truly love… Would you take it?

Please engage with your stories and comments. I would love love love to hear your thoughts and perspectives on this topic.

Please also note that this was written with the purest of love and clear intention. Please forgive me if I said something that wasn’t politically correct.

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