melanieI saw Samantha a few months ago. I was excited to have a reading and I love supporting people in the healing arts. I feel I have very strong psychic abilities and run basically on intuition most of the time, but….it is always helpful and insightful to have others navigate your deep waters and get a different perspective.

I arrived at Samantha’s house and did not know what to expect. She offered me water,and asked me to sit down facing her, eyes open and feet flat on the ground. She told me what she would be doing and the first half was all about my aura. All I can say is wow! I honestly was blown away by the information that she could “see” and it made so much sense. Down to the fact that I have a spirit that is not mine (energy really) in one of my aura layers ….She then went into past lives and the person she touched on most was my father. Which right away gave me chills and peaked my interest.

I really recommend that you have a reading from Samantha. Her voice is soothing, her visions inspiring and she is definitely right on!!!


robynA died in the wool skeptic, I received an energy healing session from Samantha during a recent festival. My life is particularly hectic and jammed with crossroads right now, and I was quite uncertain anything of this sort could truly help. Yet to my delight,
Samantha used her amazing talents to not only help free blocked energies, but also gave me tools to help deal with future issues. Samantha’s targeted approach was spot on to my situation. I feel she is a natural, intuitive healer… the real thing. (And an added bonus, the migraine I had brewing completely vanished!)

You are the best!
Love, Robyn

judyOver the past 20 years I have seen and worked with many different psychics and spiritual healers. Samantha is one of the most gifted and adept readers and healers I have come across. She has a very clear vision and was able to summarize quickly and concisely the barriers to my psycho-spiritual development from a broad and deep vantage point. She honed in on some very specific aspects of my life and relationships and confirmed many things I already knew, but needed affirmation and a deeper understanding of in order to move forward. She also provided me with a lot of clarity, new information, and different perspectives from which to see things. She captured the vastness of my being and the variety of challenges I’m dealing with as well as the karmic lessons I’m working on. She helped me to end and let go of different karmas and ways of being that are no longer serving me and are holding me back from growing and expanding into my potentials and authenticity. She also cleared out lots of energy blockages that were inhibiting my spirit from shining brightly. She has a playful, light-filled, loving approach and shares the colorful, vivid visions of what she intuitively sees, thus, providing many visuals and tools with which to work to further your own healing and evolution. Samantha works on many different dimensions and with many different beings that assist in the healing and teaching process. I came away from the reading feeling extremely supported, loved, liberated, energized, cleansed, repaired, and restored.

I also feel a lot of clarity and I am much better at differentiating between my stuff and others and placing boundaries. An awakening of sorts is happening. Thank you for helping to facilitate this death and rebirth process I’m going through!


I had a reading by Samantha and loved it.  I appreciated how she created sacred space and asked me what questions I wanted answered.  It felt personal and professional.  The reading she gave me resonated deeply with what I already had vague glimmers of – she put words to my previous beliefs that were, up until that point, only emotions or feelings. I find her style to be very grounded and approachable.  I would recommend a reading by Samantha to anyone who is open to this style of work, even if they are new to the energetic world.

-Judy Row

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My intention is centered around healing, reflecting and receiving. I am here to be a mirror for you so that you can see yourself more clearly. A reading will help you to uncover and reveal your own answers. This is where the healing takes place so you can begin to experience personal growth, as an individual and as a spirit. By raising your awareness to energy, you will begin to see how it influences your thoughts and can manifest in our tangible physical world.